19 Feb 98


I got my port listed on the DoomWorld source ports page, whoppee!
Also, thanks to Mordeth for pointing out that wrong date (now fixed)

sfdoom update

Ok, its been 1/2 term this week, I've done a shitload of work on the new, mbf-based sfdoom. Not least the support for 'level headers' which hold information about the level (eg level names, music to play, par time etc.). Which is cool.

As far as names go, the most popular so far has been 'SMMU' or 'Smack My Marine Up'. I'm not quite sure though, it sounds a bit tacky.. we shall have to wait and see.

15 Feb 98


I'm fed up with trying to find a name, so I've come up with a list of suggestions from people. E-mail me and tell me which one you think is best or send in more suggestions.


Oh yeah. I have decided to abandon the current sfdoom and restart it based on MBF, at the request of Mystican. I will add back all the stuff of the original sfdoom. So far, I have already done:

5 Feb 98


Still looking for a better name. In the meanwhile, the binaries and the sources are up of the latest version (1.21). So go get em already!

25 Jan 98

More sF-Doom

I've decided to release sfdoom as it is so far, and it includes an almost finished console and a quake-style 'start map'. Get it here! It's cool!

18 Jan 98


Yeah, thats what it's called so far - someone send me a name :). Anyway, sfdoom is coming along "great" - heres a list of stuff:
Done To do
Translucency Console(1/2 done)
Coloured lighting Music
Final doom support Dynamic change screen res.
New screen 'melt effect(translucent fade) Quake-style 'start map'

Heh.. i'm still not releasing it yet ;)

#define SCREENWIDTH ..

I have found the coolest screen mode ever for playing doom in: 800x200! You cant actually set a screen mode that size, so you have to put it in 800x600 and use the top 200 pixels of the screen only. Try it - its cool!

14 Jan 98

Coloured lighting!!!

Hi. It's me again. Anyway, I've been doing not much work this week, mainly because I suddenly decided to make a doom source port. So I've been spending most of my free time on that. I've added translucency, fixed some bugs etc. The main thing I want to say, though, is: COLOURED LIGHTING! Yes, I have managed to implement a crude form of coloured lighting in my port. I've not yet released it, but you can have a look at the screen shots (sorry 'bout the startan :)