18 Sep 99

Third time lucky?

I got it wrong again. Randy emailed me yesterday to correct me and that Zdoom does not include any dosdoom code, and the legacy code has been recently removed. Sorry again.

Also in the email he sent me was the following:
There is nothing from SMMU either, as I see no
reason to use anything from it. Nor will there ever be anything from
SMMU in it, so you can relax now.

I just want to say right now that I have absolutely NO problem with people using my code. I don't want Randy or anyone else to be put off from using my code because they think I'm suddenly going to start slagging them off for it. In fact, the original posting I put up which caused all of the trouble was meant to express how pleased I was that my code was considered worthy enough to be used in other ports. The only problem I had was that I thought my code had been used without proper credit, which I'm sure anyone can understand.

Someone once coined the phrase "imitation is the highest form of flattery", well I find other people using my code the highest form of flattery.

Downloading extravaganza

On a lighter note, here are some new downloads:

16 Sep 99


Ok, I read Randy's update today, and I'm sorry about what I said. The Zdoom code for the swirly flats is all of his own doing. I meant to mention it in the previous update but I forgot. However, I don't think that it's unreasonable to assume that some of my code might have been used in Zdoom as a lot of the zdoom code is taken from other ports and games (hexen, dosdoom, legacy, even some quake) and I wouldn't have been suprised if it was my code. All I'm interested in is getting proper credit for the work I've done, I'm not doing this as an attack on Zdoom or on Randy.

8 Sep 99

I'm Back

I got back from Portugal at the weekend, quite nice they had a bowling alley and a very deep pool. Anyway, it's back to school now, though at least I'm in the Upper Sixth which is the most senior year of the school. FraggleScript is coming along rather nicely, I've now added the foundations for local and global variables. In fact I think its probably time to start integrating it into SMMU. I was messing around with linux a few days ago even and managed to quickly port (FraggleScript) to linux. I'm not gonna release this publicly but if you want a copy then email me for one.

I get the feeling I'm going to find FraggleScript quite useful in the future for other things as well as doom. I even rewrote first.bas, the first program I ever wrote, in it!


They say you know when you're there when Zdoom starts stealing your code. heh. Anyway it seems that the latest version of Zdoom supports "liquid texture warping" which is no doubt from SMMU. I've also heard that I haven't been credited for this so I'm going to download the Zdoom source code and confirm it is my code first, then I'll have a bitch at Randy to mention me in the credits.


I'm going on holiday next week for 2 weeks, so you won't see me around. I thought I'd release this FraggleScript beta tho, for you to play with while I'm gone =)

11 Aug 99


Just a quick note to give a SMMU update. I ought to be doing loads of work because it's the holiday, but you know how it is, the one time you want to do the most work is during the exam period when you should be revising ;). Anyway, I have added a few things, the first three are really just 'knick-knacks':


What? No, not the TV series, I mean bugs in SMMU. I have received quite a few bug reports on SMMU, including from the infamous BOOM/MBF beta tester Rez. These are the bugs I know about (and have fixed):

29 Jul 99

<citrus> yummy

Well, my SMMU beta release seems to have been quite a success. I've received some encouraging support as well as some minor bug reports and interesting ideas for new features. Anyway, lots of people have said that it's a really cool port and all, I thought I'd list what the major doom news sites said:

A lot of people have been saying that SMMU loads faster, which I find strange because it doesn't load any faster on my PC =). The only explanation that I have come up with so far is that my changes to the wad code to allow dynamic wad loading caused this, but I really am at a loss to explain it. weird.

I've also heard that SMMU may be used as the port for the Ninja Doom TC. Cool.

I'm feeling smug, ok? shut up.

Note to developers

As you may (or may not) have noticed, the beta release does not actually include FraggleScript, .. I haven't got round to incorporating the FraggleScript code into SMMU yet, basically because it isn't finished. I can appreciate that there may be quite a few developers out there wanting to create their own SMMU levels, but I'd quite like you to hold off for a while just until I get FraggleScript finished. This is basically because I'm just going to ditch the current scripting code when I've finished FraggleScript, and if you go making levels now then they won't work later on. The current scripting support is only really for showing off what SMMU can do. Until then, you'll have to make MBF levels or something, or make levels without scripts.

25 Jul 99

SMMU beta release

Ok, I've decided to release it. This is a public beta however. If you find any bug or error or crash, please let me know. The last time I released SMMU, i heard that some people had problems with video modes, but they never sent me anything. Please, I want to know about any problem whatsoever.
Sooo, get the binaries or the sources


Yup, it's my 17th today. I had a great party with all my friends yesterday, and I'm enjoying my new TI-83.

21 Jul 99

(Adore track 16)

I'm 17 on Sunday. And after seeing Mystican's amazing TI-83 calculator, I want one too, and that's what i'm going to get (hopefully). Those things are amazing.. I mean Mario .. on a calculator?


So, back to SMMU. Apparently, Satori has got quite far in the graphics department (60% done I think he said.. may be different). I sent Afterglow a copy of the latest version of SMMU a few days ago, which was useful as he pointed out several bugs and annoying things which I quickly fixed (I ought to do more beta testing =).

One thing I'm considering is releasing the latest version as a beta on Sunday as a kind of 'birthday beta'. The only thing I'll need to do is finish the new fullscreen heads up (I think) which I am currently busy rewriting. Anyway, we'll see..

10 Jul 99

Ended yet? =)

Well, guess the world didn't end. Apparently its actually going to be in August, with something to do with Peter Mandelson. That's what I heard anyway.
Anyway, I fixed the dumb-ass link below that pointed to 'downloads/' rather than 'download/' so you can all enjoy the "amazing" FraggleScript.

That's right, it's the inevitable SMMU update. Anyway, some amazing things in it now:

30 Jun 99


Yeah, I dunno where that word came from =). 'FraggleScript' is the name of the language, like 'JavaScript'. It isn't a way of doing scripting, called 'FraggleScripting'.
Anyway, I thought I ought to release this beta of FraggleScript so far. It seems mean not to.

The end of the world is nigh

If we're to believe Nostradamus, the world ends next week. Anyway, bye everyone if the world ends!

24 Jun 99

Exams over!

Thats right, my exams are over. Anyway, I've also been doing some work on SMMU over the past few weeks. I should probably release a beta at some point soon.

Also, I ought to mention that two more people have joined me in developing SMMU:

FraggleScript is up to a quite impressive level already. It already has the foundations of a proper interpreter. What it does so far: I am developing this as a seperate program. When I have it sufficiently 'finished' I will incorporate it into SMMU. I don't plan to release the current program, but if there is sufficient demand I will.

7 Jun 99


Yeah, this place has been 'dead' for the last 2-3 months. I've been working on SMMU, mostly, and have exams coming up. I'm not releasing it yet, though. I may release a beta version soon to a select few. Right now, here's a list of 'amazing' things you will be able to do in the new version:
And in the long term:

Help wanted apply within

I am also looking for help with this project. If you think you can help, e-mail me!. I need: BUT if you are going to do anything, please email me first! I don't want to suddenly receive 20 logos or 30 start maps from people without warning.

31 Mar 99


The ridiculous speed of the xoom ftp site means that I've actually been unable to upload it here. However, Doomworld have been kind enough to host the port until xoom get their act together: the binaries are here. Sources?, not yet, I will release them and would have done now if it wasn't for this bloody FTP.

Skins n stuff

I have almost finished implementing skins in smmu (only need to implement sounds and status bar pic). I have also made a really cool chasecam which is kind of similar to the Legacy one, except it doesn't get stuck =). So the next release should be interesting.

20 Mar 99


Ok, I've finished the current version of SMMU, including:
So go get it: Binaries or Sources